4 Signs you Should See a Doctor about Low Energy

Every day, millions of Americans wake up to a cup of coffee, then drink an energy drink with lunch, and have another pick-me-up on their ride home. They feel tired due to stress, restless sleep, caffeine addictions, and so on. And while this is normal and correctable with caffeine, diet changes, or exercise, low energy levels can also be a warning sign of something worse. Low energy and fatigue can be a sign of a serious infection, low testosterone levels, Anemia, issues with the heart or kidney, or even cancer. So if your energy levels seem to drop and you notice any of the following signs, contact a doctor immediately.

Sudden Change in Energy Level – If nothing in your life or diet changes, but suddenly the cup of coffee that used to get you started isn’t helping, it could be a sign that something more serious is going on. Pay attention to what external stressors could be impacting your energy levels, and if you can’t find one, then your fatigue may be more than just from stress or a few bad nights of sleep.

Breathlessness – Having a lack of breath can be a sign of low iron levels, low testosterone, or heart conditions. If you feel fatigued and often have trouble catching your breath, you should see a doctor.

Pale Skin – Being tired can cause you to be pale. But if you are noticeably paler than usual, or if nothing seems to help, it could be a sign of anemia.

You Never Have Energy – Even people who need energy supplements like caffeine to get by still feel full of energy at times. Whether after a good night of sleep, after a good workout, or even during the day after a cup of coffee, there is a time when everyone should feel energized. If nothing helps, and stimulants are simply keeping you awake enough to function, that is not a normal level of low energy and needs to be addressed.

Ultimately, energy levels are a difficult thing to measure. For a new parent with a baby who wakes up every 3 hours, there might be a difference in expected energy levels from a college student who has never had to drink coffee. But if you notice any of the above symptoms along with prolonged periods of low energy, you need to seek medical help, as there is very possibly an underlying issue.